This is the first step in addressing energy problems in your home.  Using advanced, specialized equipment our energy analyst will interview you, assess your utility bills, and conduct a high level inspection of your home or business.  We will lay out your options and discuss the fastest way for you to begin to reduce utility costs, save money and be more comfortable in your home.  Follow this link for an explanation of what you can expect to be covered in an energy audit.

Steps of a Residential Energy Audit

  • Building walk-through and interviews with occupants to fully understand living conditions and help pinpoint specific problems
  • Insulation Measurements
  • Blower Door Test 
  • Air leakage testing 
  • Combustion safety and analysis to include gas testing, carbon monoxide testing, and draft and spillage (these tests make sure the combustion byproducts are safely exiting the building). 
  • Infrared scanning