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Excellent Customer Service!

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I met Rich Meador, FANMAN Senior Energy Analyst at the Raleigh Home Show. I was concerned about my 23 year old attic fan and replacing it. Rich was completely knowledgeable, informative, excellent customer service, respectful and generally outstanding. He called when he said he would, arrived for the assessment when he scheduled it and I am very impressed with this company!

After I made my decision, on the appointed day at 7:20 AM, Adam and Steven arrived for a start time of 7:30. They were absolutely great. They were respectful, professional, gave me all the details of everything they would do, answered all my questions, have excellent customer service and went to work. Adam and Steven were so outstanding I was wondering “where did this company actually come from!” I have not experienced such excellent service from a contractor or vendor in a very long time! I plan to have attic insulation and ceiling fan replacement for my whole house!

John S.

I appreciate everything that Fan Man Inc. did for our home!

five stars 7292866 1280

I knew nothing about “The Fan Man” when I orchestrated the installation of attic fans for several homeowners in my subdivision. Brandon Rowell was very prompt, courteous and professional, everything that one could possibly be looking for when deciding on the right vendor for the job. All the feedback from the homeowners was positive and you can bet if someone was not pleased, I would have heard about it Brandon, you came through with flying colors and I believe there are homeowners that are continuing to contact you to request attic fans as a result of the excellent work! I appreciate all you did to make this a success in our neighborhood.

Sharon B.

Fan Man stands behind their product!

five stars 7292866 1280

I relocated to the Raleigh area in 2007. We have had our share of hot summers. In our new home, two of our upstairs rooms were the hottest in the entire house. I looked into getting attic fans and found the Fan Man. After contacting them, Brandon, called me back immediately and we set up an appointment. He came to our home and did a thorough inspection and explained the benefits of an attic fan. Brandon answered all my questions and is very knowledgeable of his product. They stand behind their product 100%. They even have a Lifetime Warranty. Since having the fans installed, we have noticed a significant difference in the temperature as well as a decrease in our electric bill. We have even recommended them to our friends.

Tim B.

My electric bills are lower!

five stars 7292866 1280

This was warranty service on the power roof vent fan installed by the Fan Man over 2 years ago. They returned to repair damage apparently done by my roofer when they re-roofed my house. Since this fan worked perfectly before the roofers removed & re-installed it, I fully expected to pay the Fan Man to repair the unit. Instead, they fixed it free of charge under their warranty! Unheard of in all my years of home ownership! Their service is unparalleled in my 30 years of home ownership. I had the Fan Man install this second powered roof vent on my house after maxing out my Air Conditioner during the peak summer heat wave & not get adequate cooling upstairs. One roof fan for a large house is not enough. I am thrilled with the results, my entire upstairs is 7 degrees cooler (79 versus 72 degrees!), my upstairs HVAC system will last longer as it doesn’t have to work as hard & my electric bills are lower during the summer season! This was the best decision I ever made for the comfort & HVAC maintenance of my home.

Bill G.

I can see why Fan Man has been in business so long!

five stars 7292866 1280

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we are with the service we’ve received with our roof fan installation. Brandon was fantastic in setting everything up. My wife Alice was at home today whey your guys came and installed the fan in under 40 minutes! We appreciate their promptness and courtesy, and we appreciate Brandon’s follow-up phone call and the fine customer service we’ve received. It’s been a pleasure working with your company and I can now see why you’ve been in business so long.


Fan Man worked with my schedule!

five stars 7292866 1280

I had been looking for 2 attic fans installations for about 6 months. I did contact three different contractors to compare the potential costs and process for installation. My most recent research included solar fans but I choose the standard models. Fan Man was the last of the 3 that I had called for quotes. After talking and researching the proposals, I went with Fan Man in spite of the fact that his quote was the highest by a slight amount. His presentation of the process and the excellent history placed him number one. He was able to schedule the installation the next day and the work was done with a great deal of organization, expertise and competence. The work team come in and went right to work and were finished within approximately 1 1/2 hours! The work included a warranty for the fans & workmanship. The fans kicked in immediately and I could feel the difference right away. I would recommend Fan Man to anyone!

Deborah C.

Fan Man is not pushy!

five stars 7292866 1280

I had checked out some other companies in general who did that type of work and he was one of the preferred providers. The owner came out initially and gave me an estimate. He was very laid back and he was not pushy in terms of selling some other services. I asked him some questions about solar fans but he did not recommend that even though it was more expensive. He asked me to not do that as it was not what I needed up there and that I could do with the regular fan which would be one fan as opposed to three. He was very personable. He was very forth coming and forth right in his opinions. I was pleased with that. He was able to get the work done within ten days. He did only fans and did not do any other work unlike some other companies that did roofing or repair work. He had another location in Raleigh. He has been doing this for over seven years and he seemed to know as to what he was talking about. I had some roofing work that needed to be done and so, I was supposed to do solar but he said that the solar fans would not be appropriate to the configuration of the house. Also, he said that it would be two and half time more expensive without any real benefit. He said that I would be beneficial to do the regular electric fan than the solar fan.

Richard T.

Fan Man is professional and has outstanding service!

five stars 7292866 1280

I would be most happy to “testify” to your professional and most outstanding customer service. From the moment that I chased you down in the parking lot of the shopping center (because of your vehicle advertisement), I was so impressed with not only your company but with you as a manager. My husband and I have our own business and we know how important customer service is valued. I cannot say enough about how great an experience the whole process of adding an attic fan to our home was with your company. Your promptness, follow up, and your ability to understand all of our concerns was outstanding. Truly it is very RARE to find people who care to go above and beyond – and you are among those people. I have no doubt that your company will continue to prosper with you at the helm. Thank you for asking and I am sure my neighbors will be calling you soon,

James and Margaret B.

We appreciate the promptness of Fan Man

five stars 7292866 1280

We just wanted to take a moment to let you know how happy we are with the service we’ve received with our roof fan installation. We appreciate the promptness and courtesy of your guys, and we appreciate your follow-up phone call and the fine customer service we’ve received. It’s been a pleasure working with your company and we can now see why you’ve been in business so long.

Steve and Alice D.

Fan Man gets the job done fast and efficiently!

five stars 7292866 1280

Found the Fan Man website and submitted an email to request a quote. Received a call in about an hour. Mark came out the next business day to give us a quote. He was very professional and knowledgeable about attic ventilation, our radiant barrier (installed by another company last fall which was causing our attic to be overly heated) and other energy efficient technology. His 2 guys came out 3 days later and installed 2 fans in about an hour. They were on time and very professional. We are very pleased and our upstairs A/C unit does not have to work so hard to keep up with the heat! Thanks!!

Kelly H.
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