Homeowners are always looking for ways to lower energy costs. With Fan Man, there is no longer a need to search for services to improve the attic ventilation Concord residents find valuable and helpful. Attic Ventilation will lower energy costs and provide a comfortable home. Residents in Concord, North Carolina have discovered this essential information when they called Fan Man Inc. Fan Man Inc. has been providing Concord, North Carolina residents with a variety of energy solutions for over twenty years. You can depend on Fan Man Inc., because all of our technicians are certified, licensed, and qualified in energy solutions.

Energy Solutions Services Offered in Concord, North Carolina

Fan Man Inc. has a wide variety of energy solutions services offered in Concord, North Carolina, which include:

  • Attic Ventilation and Insulation
  • Attic Fan Installation
  • Garage Ventilation and Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Foam Insulation
  • Blown-In Insulation
  • Solar Lights
  • Solar Attic Fans
  • And so much more…

Many homeowners don’t realize the importance of having attic ventilation in their home. Fan Man Inc. can check your attic to inspect the ventilation.

Concord, North CarolinaFan Man Inc. Services Concord in all of their energy service needs

Concord, North Carolina has a population of 79,066. Concord is the twelfth largest city in North Carolina, and just twenty miles from Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2004, Concord received the “All-America City Award”, because of the charm that this city has. The city was had its first settlers in 1750, then incorporated in 1806. Concord is the headquarters for NASCAR drivers, and the Charlotte Motor Speedway is located here. The speedway was opened by Bruton Smith in 1959.

The three historic districts of Concord, North Carolina include the North Union, Edgewood, and South Union. These three historic districts have maintained the architecture of their homes. The Memorial Garden is in the North Union Historic District. The Memorial Garden is three acres, and The First Presbyterian Church cemetery is located here. The cemetery is over 200 years old. Downtown Concord has plenty of shopping, restaurants, and is in walking distance of The Memorial Garden. If you want to do some shopping, then the Carolina Mall and Concord Mills has plenty of retail stores to choose from. For an outdoor activity you can visit Lake Fisher. Lake Fisher is perfect for boating, fishing, and relaxation. Anything that you want to see and do you can do in Concord, North Carolina.

Fan Man Inc. has been the energy specialists for Concord, North Carolina residents for over two decades. Our experience and dedication has made us the energy solution experts. If you are tired of paying high energy costs please give us a call!

Small Workshop Made Possible with Garage Insulation in Concord

Recently Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a homeowner in Concord. The homeowner wanted to have Concord garage insulation after he realized how much better it would be to work in the garage once he turned it into a workshop. He called us to have the insulation installed, so that he could get his workshop set up property the first time around.

The crew at Fan Man Inc. arrived at the Concord home and started installing the insulation in the garage. The crew made sure there were no gaps or voids, then applied sealing so the insulation would be protected from any moisture. Once the crew had the insulation installed we let the homeowner know that his garage would be warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months, and the utility bills would be lower due to the correct amount of insulation that we provided for his garage. The customer was pleased with our work and he is starting the rest of the garage renovations very soon. The customer called us six weeks later to let us know that his garage is now fully transformed into his workshop and it is very comfortable. He said before he had the insulation installed he was always cold when he was working in there, but now the warmth is steady and it isn’t costing him a fortune. He was very insistent on telling us that Fan Man Inc. provided him with the best garage insulation isntallaiton available in Concord.

Concerns for Upcoming Summer Heat Call for New Insulation in Concord

A schoolteacher had the summer free to do some research, and realized after running her AC that she needed to have some new insulation in Concord for her home. She didn’t know who to contact for new insulation in Concord, so she asked family members and friends and they all said to contact Fan Man Inc. She called us and scheduled us to come out and add insulation to her home.

The Fan Man Inc. team arrived at the teacher’s home and she showed us her attic. The customer was correct, because she definitely needed to have insulation added. The team also checked the attic for any leaks, then sealed all leaks that were present. Once the insulation was installed she started saving money almost immediately. The customer thanked us for coming out so quickly. The customer contacted Fan Man Inc. a week later just to thank us again for the new insulation Concord professionals would appreciate. She said her home is so much cozier and warm now that she had the insulation added. She said she can keep her home on a set temperature and her home is thoroughly warm. Before, she would always keep turning the heat up and up just so her house would be warm, but now it stays at a warm temperature without having to adjust it all the time. She said she was so happy that Fan Man Inc. was the insulation provider for her home in Concord.

Wall Insulation in Concord for Local Contractor

Recently, the Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a contractor working in the Concord area. The contractor was doing a home remodel project for a client and he called Fan Man Inc. to do a fast and efficient Concord wall insulation job that would make the room remodel efficient and keep it cool too. The Fan Man Inc. crew met with the contractor at the Concord home and we gave him an estimate, which he accepted. The customer let us know that the work had to be done quickly, because his client already had him on a strict deadline.

The Fan Man Inc. crew let the customer know that we always meet the deadline and we would have the insulation done on time. The crew started installing the wall insulation the following day and in just a few hours the insulation was successfully installed. The contractor was highly impressed with the professionalism and outstanding work ethic that the crew members with Fan Man Inc. possessed. He said that he was impressed, but his client would be as well, because now he would be able to have the room remodel done ahead of schedule and his client would have a space that would be energy efficient. All this was possible, because Fan Man Inc. provided quality wall insulation Concord contractors and homeowners can depend upon. This customer must have truly been impressed, because he called us again to provide wall insulation on another project that he was working on.

Charlotte Attic Insulation Installed after Energy Audit

Fan Man Inc. received a call from a DJ in Charlotte. The DJ got a recommendation to get a free home energy audit, which led to him realizing that a straightforward service of getting Charlotte attic insulation so he would save some money. We scheduled the energy audit when the customer and our qualified energy audit specialist arrived at the Charlotte home with the special equipment that we use.

The energy audit technician started in the basement of the home, then worked his way up until he had the entire house audited. The technician noticed when he reached the attic that there was not enough insulation in the home. Over the years the insulation lessened. The technician went over the audit with the homeowner and the top recommendation was having Charlotte attic insulation installed. The technician shared with the customer on the benefits that the insulation would provide for the homeowner, which included lower energy costs, stable heating and cooling, and added value to the home if he decided to sell his home in the future. The homeowner agreed to have attic insulation installed, which our team did for him. The customer was very pleased with how fast the Fan Man Inc. team was able to perform all the services and was glad that the Fan Man Inc. was recommended to him, because we are the attic insulation experts Charlotte homeowners can trust. The homeowner can now purchase updated DJ equipment, because he will be saving money with the attic insulation the Fan Man Inc. team provided.

Plumber Needs Attic Insulation in Concord

Fan Man Inc. received a phone call from a Concord plumber. The plumber was wanting to prep for the colder months that was fast approaching and called Fan Man Inc. for Concord attic insulation. He had known he needed it for a while, but had an exceptionally good year so far that allowed him to pay up front now in order to save money later.

We set up an appointment with the customer so our professional team could install the attic insulation. Our team installed the attic insulation quickly for the homeowner and we made sure that there were no leaks present in the attic so the homeowner would have a complete sealed attic. The homeowner was pleased that we were able to come out so quickly. Fan Man Inc. was able to perform the attic insulation services quickly and he has already received an energy bill that was significantly less than previous years. The homeowner couldn’t believe that by just adding attic insulation to his home would provide such a savings with his energy costs. The customer was so impressed with our work that he has been showing his neighbors, family, and friends his utility bills and telling them how much he has saved all because he had Fan Man Inc. install attic insulation Concord homeowners would appreciate. Fan Man Inc. was able to lower his energy costs and he is saving a lot of money. It was well worth the price for quality attic insulation by Fan Man Inc.

Concord Energy Audit is Great Pre-Move Prep!

Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a couple in Concord. The couple told us that their family was in the process of moving into a new house. Right before everyone was completely moved into the house and everyone was fully settled the father decided to have a Concord energy audit conducted to find any area of the house that they could save money. He didn’t want his family moved into the new house and then find out there were problems that would need to be solved, so he contacted Fan Man Inc. before they were all moved in. Fan Man Inc. set up the energy audit, and the technician arrived to the home as scheduled.

The technician from Fan Man arrived and started conducting the energy audit. The tech went through every room and space of the home, then evaluated the insulation and ventilation. The report came back fairly positive. There were just a couple minor issues that needed to be repaired, and we were able to do these repairs for the homeowners. We let the family know they could safely move into their new home now. The father let us know that the bills that the family received reflect the savings we had suggested. The father said he was glad he put off moving his family into the home until the energy audit was performed. He was very glad that he called the Fan Man to square away his energy savings immediately.

Home Energy Audit in Concord Helps Teacher Continue Late-Night Projects

A math teacher in Concord who called us said that he was a bit of a night owl. Sometimes he stayed up all night grading tests and doing calculations for fun. He had purchased a central air conditioning unit recently, and it was not cooling the house enough even when it was running all day. This was really upsetting the teacher, because he thought that when he had gotten rid of his window air conditioning units his house would be comfortable and cool in each room, but this was not happening. He finally called the Fan Man Inc. for a trustworthy Concord home energy audit to see why his new central air unit wasn’t working properly.

The Fan Man Inc. team came to the home, and started the energy audit. The team used our specialized diagnostic testing equipment to diagnoses the problems. We used a duct leakage tester, blower door test, and infrared camera, which would allow us to assess the energy performance occurring in the home. Once the team completed the audit, we were able to pinpoint the problem and help the dedicated teacher save some money on his utility bills while making his home more comfortable. He is thrilled that he contacted the home energy audit Concord experts, because now he can have a home that is cool and comfortable, and his energy costs are lower. He can now do his tests and calculations at night without sweating. This is how he relaxes from a hard day at school. Fan Man Inc. provides professional energy audits that Concord homeowners can appreciate for all their energy audit needs.

Public Servant Puts Cash Away After Concord Residential Energy Audit

An area police officer recently had central air conditioning installed at his home, and he was thoroughly enjoying it knowing his energy bill might be a bit higher. He accepted this as he really enjoyed finally having every room at his home at a comfortable temperature. He received his electric bill the other day, and he was shocked and immediately regretted his decision of having the central air conditioner unit installed. He started asking his neighbors and friends on the force, and they recommended a residential energy audit Concord neighbors had used to save money on their energy costs, which is offered by Fan Man Inc.

The Fan Man Inc. energy audit expert arrived at the home and after a short discussion started the energy audit. We use specialized diagnostic testing equipment that can assess the energy performance of HVAC equipment, and also show any air leaks, moisture leaks, and the ventilation of the central air conditioning system. We also examined the energy bill. One of the main problems in the home was the insulation. The home didn’t the right amount of insulation that it needed for the size of the home. We installed new insulation, then made sure all the leaks were sealed, so no cool air would be loss through the leaks. The home is now more energy efficient, and the Concord police officer just received his monthly electric bill and was relieved that is was significantly lowered. He no longer regrets his decisions after making a few changes, and ensuring his system ran efficiently with the assistance from Fan Man Inc.

Concord Foam Insulation Keeps Customers Happy

Fan Man Inc. received a call from a café owner in Concord. The café owner informed Fan Man Inc. that he was wondering why it would get so cold in the dining room for guests when it rained, and why it would never really cool off even with the air conditioning blasting when all the ovens were turned off. The café owner realized that he needed insulation for his café, and decided to call the best company known for foam insulation Concord had to offer.

Fan Man Inc. came out to the café and did an assessment. Fan Man Inc. agreed with the café owner that the café needed insulation to provide a stable and comfortable environment. The Fan Man Inc. insulation installers properly installed insulation at the café, and sealed off any air leaks that the café had. The café owner will now have a dining room that is cool even if the ovens are running, and the café owners utility costs would also be lowered due to the insulation installation. The café owner is glad to have a headache gone after he called the Fan Man, because now the fickle temperature problem is solved and his guests can enjoy delicious meals in his café in a controlled temperature environment. Fan Man Inc. can determine if any residential or business property needs to have insulation with a quick and reliable assessment, and this is what was provided for the café owner in Concord.

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