Reducing energy costs is important for all North Carolina homeowners. To watch energy costs, they Waxhaw home energy audits done, and add insulation and attic fans. Homeowners turn to Fan Man Inc. for all of their energy efficient solutions, because Fan Man Inc. provides certified technicians that can assist homeowners with all of their energy problems. Our technicians are a RESNET certified HERS rater. We have been providing energy efficient solutions for over fifteen years. We understand the importance of having a comfortable home, and we can provide this and much more with our energy efficient solution services.

Energy Efficient Solution Services Offered in Waxhaw, North Carolina

Fan Man offers complete energy efficient solution services in Waxhaw, North Carolina. Our energy efficient solution services include:

  • Waxhaw, NC Fanman IncAttic Ventilation
  • Attic Fan Installation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Garage Insulation
  • Blown-In Insulation
  • Foam Insulation
  • Energy Audits
  • New Insulation

Fan Man has Waxhaw, North Carolina homeowner’s covered for all energy efficient solutions. We offer blown-in and foam insulation that will lower energy costs. Our energy audits can determine where energy is being lost and overused, and we can assist you in correcting any energy loss. Our certified and qualified technicians use specialized diagnostic testing equipment. We use a duct leakage tester, blower door test, gas detectors, and infrared cameras that will access the energy performance in your home. We will even examine your utility usage, along with your utility bills, so we can provide you with added energy savings. Our solutions will save you money on energy costs, and your home will be more comfortable.

Waxhaw, North Carolina

Waxhaw, North Carolina is a small, charming town with a population of 9,859. The town began developing cotton mills, which was very important to the town through the 1940’s. The Waxhaw United Methodist Church was established in 1888, and is still located at its original location. You can see the Waxhaw United Methodist Church when you go on the Historic Walking Tour of Waxhaw. This tour takes you through the town, so you can see some of the historic landmarks.

Downtown Waxhaw is the one of the best areas to visit in this town. The Small Town Main Street committee has restored the area to attract new visitors and enhance its appeal. There are specialty shops, restaurants, and antique stores located here. ‘First Friday’ is an event that occurs each month in Waxhaw, and on Main Street. All of the local businesses stay open later, provide special sales and discounts, and live music is available. This is a great time to visit Main Street.

Fan Man is the energy solution provider that residents in Waxhaw, North Carolina can depend on to lower their energy costs. We offer a wide variety of solutions and services for homeowners. We have been dedicated to Waxhaw for nearly two decades. If you want to lower your energy costs, then contact Fan Man today. One of our certified technicians will use our specialized equipment to provide a solution for your energy problems.

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Remodel is Complete After Attic Fan Installation in Waxhaw

Some homeowners in Waxhaw had recently performed a ton of home repairs on their own. They were pretty successful in bringing their house up to date and up to code, but along the way they found out how much money a Waxhaw attic fan installation would save them. The couple was talking to their friends who had an attic fan installed recently and their friends told them that their utility bills are so much lower since the installation. The couple asked asked for a recommendation, which ultimately led to them giving us a call for more information.

The Fan Man Inc. technicians came to the house and met with the homeowner, who showed us where their attic was. The technician took a look at the attic and determined that a GAF 1600cfm attic fan would be recommended for their size of attic, and this attic fan would only cost the couple around six dollars a month if they used it for twelve hours a day, which was impressive to the homeowners. They agreed that they wanted this model, and our tech returned the following morning to install it. The couple contacted us a month later. They wanted to see what their utility bill was after they had the fan installed, and they also wanted to let us know that their bill went down substantially. They seemed very happy that they called Fan Man Inc. for their attic fan installation in Waxhaw, because the fan is quiet when it is on and it is paying for itself with the money they are saving on their utility costs.

Couple Saves big Thanks to Waxhaw Insulation Contractors

Recently an elderly couple contacted Fan Man Inc. They needed a professional to look over their finances and estate, so they hired an accountant. The accountant that they had hired noticed that the couple was spending way too much money per month on their energy bill. The old couple had a house that was even older than they were, and the accountant suggested that the couple look into adding insulation to their home, and so they called the best insulation contractors Waxhaw had to offer. The Fan Man Inc. expert arrived at the couple’s home to evaluate their insulation, and to provide them with an energy audit. The energy audit would let the couple know where and how their energy is being lost, and assist them on making their home more energy efficient. The technician also evaluated the insulation in the home, and it was far from enough to keep the home properly insulated. The couple was losing heating and cooling, which was making their unit work overtime and raising the costs for their energy bill.

Fan Man Inc. properly added the correct amount of insulation, then sealed off any leaks throughout the home. The elderly couple’s home was now much better insulated, which it hadn’t been in many years. The couple now can save significant amounts of money per month on what would have been an unnecessary monthly drain on their finances. The up-front cost of their insulation has already paid for itself, thanks to Fan Man Inc.

Older Gent Receives Waxhaw Residential Energy Audit

An elderly man in his eighties contacted Fan Man Inc. a month ago to schedule an energy audit at his home. Vital for his age, the man was still working, but for the 15th year in a row he was just now considering to actually retire. The man started to take a gander at his home and finances, and realized that compared to one of his sons, he thought he was paying way too much money for his air conditioning costs. The old man and his son’s home were basically the same style, so he didn’t understand why his air conditioning costs were so much higher than in the other house. He called Fan Man Inc. for a residential audit Waxhaw neighbors had recommended to him. The man’s neighbors told him that when Fan Man Inc. does a residential audit in the home the technician will find out where and how energy is being lost, and then offer cost effective measures that will provide a more energy efficient home, which is what the man was looking to have done.

The Fan Man Inc. technician arrived at the home and performed the energy audit for the man, and with the specialized diagnostic testing equipment used the technician was able to see why the air conditioning costs were so high. Fan Man Inc. provided a complete assessment and offered recommendations. He decided to purchase more services from Fan Man because he realized it would save him money in the long run. Now the man can actually plan a solid retirement and afford his air conditioning. Fan Man is the residential energy audit Waxhaw specialists.

Attic Insulation Job done wrong in Waxhaw, NC

Proper attic insulation should be done by a professional, and that is what we told the customer that called us for an insulation evaluation.

After a brief discussion on how new insulation can help, we scheduled a consultation to see if her Waxhaw home could become more efficient.

The Fan Man Inc. crew arrived at the customer’s home in to start the attic insulation evaluation. The customer hired someone out of the newspaper to install her insulation a few months prior, and she was wondering if the insulation was installed properly, because her utility costs had not went down, but increased. The technicians went to the attic and started the evaluation. The previous worker did not install the insulation properly. The old insulation should have been removed first, because there was signs of mice nests in the insulation. The worker just added a small amount of insulation on top of the old, but there was a lot of leakage visible that went along with the utility costs.

We informed the customer what the worker had done, and how we could correct it, which she agreed, so we started immediately removing all the old and new insulation from the attic. We use specialized equipment for safe removal of insulation, then our crew started repairing the air leakage that was visible. Once the crew had these issued repaired the crew started pumping in foam insulation, which is one of the best ways to insulate attics. The attic insulation was completed, and we let the customer know that if she didn’t start to see a difference in her utility costs or added comfort in her home to simply give us a call back, because we back all our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee.