We are always looking for ways to cut energy costs, especially when we are faced with an expensive bill. Certain North Carolina residents are cutting their energy costs with new insulation and attic fans in Mooresville.They found that by adding new insulation and attic fans, it would drastically improve their utility costs. They learned this when they called Fan Man Inc. We offer a home energy audit that can pinpoint energy loss in the home, and by adding new insulation and an attic fan, it would make their home more energy efficient. Fan Man Inc. has been providing energy efficient solutions for Mooresville residents for over fifteen years. Our technicians are licensed, certified, and qualified. Our goal is to help all residents lower their costs and have a comfortable home.

Energy Efficient Solution Services Offered in Mooresville, North Carolina

Fan Man, Inc. offers a complete variety of energy efficient solution services in Mooresville, North Carolina, which include:

Mooresvile, NC Fanman Inc-Attic Ventilation and Insulation
-Attic Fan Installation
-Wall Insulation
-Garage Ventilation and Insulation
-Blown-in and Foam Insulation
-Residential Energy Audits
-Led and CFL Lighting
-Solar Sky Lights
-Solar Attic Fans
And so much more…

Fan Man Inc. offers residential energy audits, which is the first step in learning about energy efficiency. Our residential energy audit will test for mechanical efficiency, duct leaking, carbon monoxide, and combustion safety. Our skilled technician’s uses specialized equipment designed to detect many energy problems. We can offer a solution for all energy efficiency problem.

Mooresville, North Carolina Info

Mooresville, North Carolina is thirty miles from Charlotte, and has a population of 32,711. The town’s nickname is “Race City USA,” because many NASCAR drivers live here. The town is located on Lake Norman. In the mid 1700’s families came to Mooresville to farm, primarily cotton. Major Rufus Reid was the most successful cotton farmer in this town. He owned over two thousand acres, and eighty-one slaves. His plantation was Mount Mourne, named after the Scotland Mourne Mountains.

Tow automotive museums are located here; the Memory Lane Motorsports and Historical Automotive Museum, along with the North Carolina Auto Racing Hall of Fame. Downtown Mooresville, North Carolina is a great place to visit. If you are looking for great food, then the North Main Fine Wines provide visitors with a unique downtown experience. The Victorian building was built in the 1900’s, and every Friday and Saturday, they feature live music and on Thursday evenings, they have wine tasting. Richard’s Coffee Shop is located on Main Street and is a nonprofit business with a military museum and delicious coffee. There are unique shops downtown, too. Visitors can shop, dine, and enjoy the fun nightlife.

If you are tired of paying high energy bills, then turn to Fan Man Inc. We have been providing energy efficient solutions for Mooresville, North Carolina for almost two decades. Contact Fan Man Inc. today!


Our Latest Mooresville Projects

Mooresville Home Energy Audit Brings Clarity to Homeowners

Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a couple who was concerned about their finances. The couple had lived in their home for a few years and was planning on trying to have children. They wanted to get a complete picture of their finances for long term planning, and part of that was getting a home energy audit in Mooresville. The Fan Man Inc. energy audit specialist arrived at the home to conduct an energy audit.

The energy audit specialist was going to do a visual inspection, then he was going to use his specialized diagnostic testing equipment that would allow him to test the ducts for leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, and assess the energy performance of the systems throughout the home (This includes the appliances as well). Once our team member had finished the tests he examined the utility bills in the past months, so he could determine other ways the couple could save money on their energy costs. The energy audit was provided and a few recommendations were given to the couple. The Fan Man Inc. specialist was able to help them figure out where they could save money on their annual energy costs, and one way was to add proper insulation in their attic and update their refrigerator, because it was using more energy than it should be. The couple was thrilled with the news that they received and was very happy that they contacted Fan Man Inc. for a reliable home energy audit all Mooresville homeowners can trust.

Mooresville Insulation Keeps Baking Love Alive

A Mooresville mom started a baking hobby, because she loved the smells and her family loved the sweet treats that she created. She quickly realized that it would remain hot all day in her home if she did any of her baking during the day. She knew she didn’t want to stop baking, and realized that she needed an attic fan and installers for insulation Mooresville food lovers could trust. She contacted Fan Man Inc. who solved this problem for her.

The Fan Man Inc. specialists went out to the home to see what type of attic fan she would need for the size of her home. We showed her several fans, and she picked the one that she wanted installed based on our expert recommendation. Our installers came back out the following morning and successfully installed the attic fan. The customer was thrilled that we were there so quickly, and had the attic fan in place, because she found some new recipes that she was anxiously waiting to start baking. The lady is back to her annual baking, and some of her friends have tried her deserts. Now she is selling pies, cakes, and breads to people in her neighborhood. Her home smells delightful, and she doesn’t have to worry about the heat because she contacted Fan Man Inc., the insulation Mooresville residents can depend on for all their insulation needs. Fan Man Inc. can evaluate any home with a residential energy audit and help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter with our insulation services.

New Insulation in Mooresville for Fixer-Upper

Fan Man Inc. recently was contacted by a handyman in Mooresville. The man purchased a house to fix up, because he had been doing all sorts of DIY projects over the years, and he thought that he had enough skills to fix up the house into a great place. He wanted to take his time in his first attempt to rehab the home. He thought that if the house turned out great he would live in the home or possibly rent the home out for added income when he was finished. He started tearing out some of the walls, and quickly realized that there were some pieces containing asbestos in the walls! He had run into this type of problem before working for a friend of his, so he removed all the asbestos very carefully, slowly, and safely, and then called Fan Man Inc. for new insulation Mooresville neighbors could stand by to help their energy costs.

The Fan Man Inc. insulation installers arrived at the home, and were impressed with the asbestos removal work that had been done. It was very thorough and safely conducted. We installed the insulation in the home, so the home would be adequately insulated, and energy efficient. The man is just about done with his rehab work with the home, and is anxiously ready for all the work to be done. He just has a few finishing touches to do. He has decided that since he has done such a great job on the home that he will be living in the home, because Fan Man Inc. provided him with new insulation Mooresville homeowners like him could trust.

Mooresville Garage Insulation For Better, Faster Work

Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a Mooresville mechanic. This local resident had recently started getting into restoring older American Muscle cars, and was in his personal garage more than he ever had been. He decided to install a small window AC unit to try to cool down the garage so he would be cool when he was working on the cars, but was perplexed as to why it didn’t seem to make his garage any cooler. He quickly realized the garage was leaking cool air out the walls and that he was constantly losing precious cool air, but paying higher energy costs. He decided to call the company that provides garage insulation Mooresville residents need to stay cool, Fan Man Inc.

The Fan Man Inc. technician arrived at the garage, and started an evaluation of the current insulation of the garage. The technician also was able to determine the leaky areas of the garage. Proper insulation was added to completely blanket the garage, and block out any gaps, Sealing was also provided, so the garage was fully air tight. The mechanic contacted Fan Man Inc. a few days later to tell us that he is thrilled that when he goes into the garage to work on cars that it is actually cool. He is amazed that just adding insulation and sealing would provide such a major difference in the temperature. He runs his Air conditioning unit half as much as he was before. He told us knows he made the right decision when he contacted us for the best garage insulation in Mooresville.

Adding Attic Insulation to Mooresville Home

We had a homeowner contact us and inquire about attic insulation. The customer had lived in this Moorseville, NC home for over fifteen years and never had any additional insulation added to his attic. The customer was wondering if over the years his current attic insulation had become less efficient. Fan Man Inc. let the customer know that his current attic insulation may not be providing the proper insulation that the home needed to provide comfort and lower utility costs. The customer wanted to know more and scheduled a no-obligation check to see if his attic insulation could be improved economically.

The Fan Man technician arrived at the customer’s home, as scheduled, and led the technician to the attic. The technician looked over area and could tell immediately that there was not sufficient insulation and cracks needed to be filled to stop all of the air leakage. The technician gave the homeowner the price for adding the proper insulation and repairing all leaks. After explaining the process, the homeowner agreed and scheduled a service date. They made an appointment for the following morning to start the project.

The technician arrived ready to first repair the air leaks, then once all the air leaks were repaired, he would begin pumping in the attic insulation until it was the correct amount. The technician finished the project, then let the homeowner know that he would start to see lower heating and cooling costs, along with added comfort throughout the home. Proper attic insulation is the first step in having a comfortable home.