Residents in Huntersville, North Carolina are used to hot and humid summers. Residents have to run their air conditioners to keep their home comfortable, but energy costs are high. Residents have turned to Fan Man Inc. to help lower their energy costs. We can install a Huntersville attic fan that will lower the cooling costs. Without a fan, an attic can reach up to 150 degrees. An attic fan will lower this temperature, and reduce energy costs. Another way we can lower energy costs is by adding new insulation. Many homes in Huntersville, North Carolina don’t have the appropriate amount of insulation. Our company has been the energy solution specialist for Huntersville for fifteen years. Our dedicated and certified technicians can have your home energy efficient quickly and affordably.

Energy Solutions Services Offered in Huntersville, North Carolina

Fan Man Inc. offers a wide range of energy solutions services in Huntersville, North Carolina. Our energy solution services include:

Huntersville, NC Fanman IncAttic Insulation
Wall Insulation
Garage Insulation
Foam Insulation
Blown-In Insulation
Attic Fan Installation
Attic Ventilation
Garage Ventilation
Home Energy Audits
LED Lighting
And much more…

Fan Man Inc. has an energy solution for your home. We not only provide insulation, but we can determine where you are losing and using energy when we conduct a home energy audit. We use specialized equipment that determines where energy is being wasted. Our specialized equipment also checks for carbon monoxide, duct leaks, air leaks, and proper ventilation. Our technicians are certified and licensed.

Huntersville, North Carolina

Huntersville, North Carolina is the 19th largest town in North Carolina with a population of 46,773. The town is located in Mecklenburg County, and is just twelve miles from Charlotte. A local Revolutionary War hero and reverend, Reverend Humphrey Hunter, is where the town received its name. It is located on Lake Norman, which is the largest manmade lake in North Carolina. This is where visitors and residents enjoy boating, skiing, fishing, and swimming.

The annual Carolina Renaissance Festival is located in Huntersville, and is held during October and November. The festival is the largest renaissance event in the United States. There are eleven stages of live entertainment, arts and crafts, a jousting tournament, and a twenty-two acre village marketplace, where visitors can eat and shop.

Fan Man Inc. can provide Huntersville, North Carolina residents with energy efficient solutions. Residents can have a home energy audit performed to find out what is causing their costs to rise. Fan Man Inc. is dedicated in providing affordable energy solutions for Huntersville residents. If you are tired of high utility costs, then contact us today!

Huntersville Insulation Contractors Set Up Home Just Right

Fan Man Inc. received a call from a Huntersville truck driver. The truck driver recently gotten a job doing a day shift rather than doing long hauls all over the country for a freight company. Since he had been gone all the time he didn’t realized that his cooling and heating systems weren’t working properly. His wife had thought that everything was running just fine. He was rarely home, and when he was it was usually for a day until he would be back on the road again. This was the first time  he had spent a lot of time in the home, and immediately noticed that the cooling and heating systems weren’t functioning optimally, so he called the best insulation contractors Huntersville had to offer, Fan Man Inc.

The Fan Man Inc. technician arrived at the home to do an energy audit. The technician inspected the insulation and found that the home didn’t have the proper amount of insulation that the home needed. Not having the right amount of insulation will affect the performance of the cooling and heating system. The technician installed the correct amount of installation, and sealed all the leaks that were present. Within just a few hours the truck driver noticed the difference in the cooling and heating unit. It was working wonderfully. He was amazed at how quickly he would see a difference in his home. He was happy that he was able to find the insulation contractors Huntersville homeowners can rely on. 

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