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Residents in Pineville, North Carolina are always looking for ways to cut energy costs, and one way to do this is by adding attic ventilation and attic insulation. Fan Man Inc. is the attic insulation Pineville, North Carolina relies on as a specialist. Fan Man Inc. can provide a home energy audit, so all energy loss can be detected. Our attic insulation technicians are licensed, certified, and qualified. We thrive on assisting residents in Pineville, North Carolina in lowering their utility costs along with having a home that is comfortable.

Energy Solutions and Attic Insulation in Pineville, North Carolina

Fan Man Inc. offers energy solutions and attic insulation in Pineville, North Carolina, which include:

  • Attic Insulation
  • Attic Ventilation
  • Attic Fan Installation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Garage Insulation
  • Garage Insulation
  • Foam Insulation
  • Blown-in Insulation
  • Solar Sky Lights
  • Solar Attic Fans
  • Energy Audits
  • And so much more…

Residents looking for Pineville attic insulation can first start off with a residential energy audit, so our technicians can test for any energy loss, carbon monoxide, and safety in the home. Our certified technicians use specialized equipment that is designed to detect mechanical efficiency, leaking, and energy loss.

Fan Man Inc. provides superior attic insulation services in Pineville, North Carolina. With our attic insulation services your home will be energy efficient, cooler in the summer, and warmer in the winter. Fan Man Inc. is the energy efficiency solutions provider in Pineville.

Pineville, North Carolina

Pineville, North Carolina is located between Charlotte, North Carolina and Rock Hill, South Carolina. The town has a population of 7,479. Pineville, North Carolina is known for being the home of the eleventh president, James K. Polk. A cabin is located where his home was. The cabin is now a historic site where visitors can go on a tour that takes you through the cabin, and there is a museum that has plenty of artifacts from the president. Pineville was previously called “Morrow’s Turnout”, because it was a trading center during the big gold rush.

Pineville, North Carolina is a small, charming town. Main Street is the picturesque main attraction of this town. There are plenty of local shops, diners, and galleries that attract visitors. Every Saturday you can go to the Farmer’s Market on Main Street and get a taste of what Pineville really is. You will have a chance to purchase home grown fruits and vegetables, delicious pies, cakes, and treats. The Pineville Lake Park is ideal for a picnic and relaxation. Visitors can fish, have a picnic, and enjoy the peacefulness and beauty that this park offers.

If you are tired of high utility bills, then contact Fan Man Inc. today. Fan Man Inc. has been providing energy solutions for Pineville, North Carolina residents for over twenty years. We can add attic insulation, an attic fan, and insulation to your home to lower your energy costs. Contact Fan Man Inc. today for an energy audit and all types of insulation.

Pineville receives Attic Insulation and Energy Audits from Fan Man Inc

Architect Calls in the Pineville Blow in Insulation Experts

Fan Man Inc. was contacted by an architect in Pineville. The established architect had just recently purchased a second home and he wanted to make sure everything was up to snuff for the renovations. He called us for Pineville blow in insulation estimates, because he had worked with us before. We scheduled the insulation estimate with the customer for the following Monday.

The Fan Man Inc. crew arrived on Monday and they evaluated the home, then gave the customer the estimate for blown in insulation. The customer was happy with the estimate, then asked us to go ahead and start the blow in insulation ASAP. The crew started the process and started blowing in all the insulation that the home required. The customer was once again very happy with our services, and we were able to give him recommendations on what he could do with the attic to save on energy bills as well. The customer thanked us for doing the work so quickly and affordably, and said that he would take us up on the recommendations in just a month or so, because he had other work that needed to be done first. The customer said that Fan Man Inc. had again provided him with exceptional blow in insulation Pineville homeowners could appreciate. By having the insulation added to his attic he would already save money on energy costs and when he had the recommendations done, then he would really see a drastic improvement as well.

Trainer Saves Money with Garage Insulation in Pineville

A dog trainer realized after finally taking a look at the bills for the coming tax season that he had paid a lot more for cooling cost than he had thought. He thought that the energy bills were higher than last year, but didn’t realize how much higher they were until he started going through his records. He knew he couldn’t afford to pay these high costs, so he called Fan Man Inc. for an energy audit.

The Fan Man Inc. professional technician met with the homeowner and started performing the energy audit. The technician used the special energy audit machine that would detect all energy loss. The technician immediately found out where the energy loss was occurring and that was in the garage, which led the homeowner in getting Pineville garage insulation to save money in the next season. The Fan Man Inc. crew arrived two days later and installed the insulation at the garage and immediately the homeowner could tell a difference in the temperature in the garage. He was overjoyed to learn that his heating and cooling costs would be drastically lowered all because he had the energy audit and the garage insulation Pineville homeowners could trust. The dog trainer can use the money that he will be saving on energy costs to purchase new doggy treats for the dogs that he will be training. He will have happier canines and customers thanks to the professionals at Fan Man Inc.

Pineville Insulation Contractors Keep Shoe Store Comfy

Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a Pineville shoe store owner. The Pineville shoe store owner noticed that his store was remaining very hot during the summer months even though the air conditioning was blasting. He was concerned that too many people were starting to sweat profusely when they would tie and untie their new shoes, and their frustration would cause them to want to leave the store without purchasing anything. He called the best insulation contactors in Pineville in order to increase the efficiency of his air conditioning.

The Fan Man Inc. specialists arrived at the shoe store and started inspecting the air conditioning unit. Our team quickly realized what the problem was. The air conditioning unit was working properly and was overworking because there wasn’t enough insulation in the store. Our team installed the proper amount of insulation for the square footage of the store. The store owner suspicions were correct about the insulation problem, and now the temperature in the store is much easier to regulate. The store is staying nice and cool now, thanks to Fan Man Inc. The store owner has noticed that his customers are lingering longer because the store is comfortably cool and his sales have increased. His customers don’t mind staying in the store trying on new shoes now because they are not sweating and being uncomfortably hot thanks to Fan Man Inc. the insulation contractors Pineville businesses can count upon for proper insulation.

Insulation Contractor and Pineville Developer Partner

Fan Man Inc. received a call from a Pineville real estate developer. She needed to find a friendly insulation contractor Pineville business owners and residents would be happy to work with, so she called the Fan Man Inc., and received the best and most informative help of her career. The Pineville real estate developer and Fan Man Inc. started working together on many different projects together, and Fan Man Inc. provided top notch insulation services like making sure the insulation was installed and maintained. The Pineville professional realized quickly that Fan Man Inc. was highly respected in town because of the qualifications of the technicians and their reputation for knowledge of insulation, which is vital to residents and businesses.

The real estate developer had many projects in the near future, and these projects would include homes and business that needed proper insulation. Fan Man Inc. technicians would evaluate each property to determine the level of insulation present, and also seal any leaks. Then they would give the real estate developer a certificate, so the properties can be sold with full insulation (which buyers prefer). Fan Man Inc. has been in business for over fifteen years, and we provide insulation, energy audits, attic ventilation and complete air sealing. Fan Man Inc. is the insulation contractor Pineville residents contact for all their insulation needs. The real estate developer now has an insulation contractor that provides insulation installs, and maintains all insulations for the company. The two are working together hand in hand, which is a great team.

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