Energy costs are skyrocketing, making it important that residents in Cornelius, North Carolina find ways to lower them. They are switching to LED light bulbs, and raising their thermostats, but sometimes this isn’t enough. Residents can lower energy costs tremendously by having insulation installed, attic fans, and performing a residential energy audit in Concord. Fan Man Inc. is the service provider who can do this and so much more. We have been assisting Cornelius, North Carolina residents with energy solutions for fifteen years. We are a certified RESNET rater with certified technicians who provide affordable energy solutions for your home.

Energy Solution Services Offered in Cornelius, North Carolina

Fan Man Inc. offers complete energy solutions services in Cornelius, North Carolina, including:

Cornelius NC -Fanman Inc-Residential Energy Audits
-Garage Insulation
-Garage Ventilation
-Attic Insulation
-Attic Ventilation
-Attic Fan Installation
-New Insulation
-Wall Insulation
-Foam Insulation
-Blown-In Insulation
-Solar Sky Lights
-LED Lighting
-CFL Lighting
-Home energy audits

And much more…

Our energy efficient solutions are performed by certified and trained technicians. We use the latest specialized equipment, so we can offer solutions that our competitors can’t. Our specialized equipment tests for duct leakage, carbon monoxide, air leakage, and much more.

Cornelius, North Carolina Resources

Cornelius, North Carolina is a small lakeside town with a population of 24,866 and is located on Lake Norman. Cornelius was founded in 1893, and incorporated in 1905. The town was once a cotton farming town, but the road that connected Davidson and Cornelius became flooded and muddy. This made it impossible to travel on, so a cotton mill was needed in Cornelius. J. B. Cornelius was the principal stockholder of a new cotton mill, which is where the name of the town came from.

The Cornelius Veterans Monument is a beautiful memorial that pays tribute to all Cornelius veterans- living and deceased. There are over one thousand names on the monument wall. This is a must-see location in Cornelius. The Cornelius Walking Tour takes visitors on a walk through the town. The walk is 1.25 miles long, and visitors can see the historic Stough-Cornelius Cotton Mill, Olde Mill Village, Cornelius Elementary School, and Mt. Zion United Methodist Church. All of these locations are historic landmarks of the city, and beautiful, interesting places to visit.

Corneille’s is located on Lake Norman, so visitors can do some fishing, boating, swimming, or just enjoy the beauty of the lake. It is a great place to have a picnic and enjoy outdoor activities. There is so much to see and do in Cornelius.

Fan Man Inc. is the energy solution service specialist that can lower energy costs. We have many solutions for energy costs. We can determine where you are losing energy and fix it. Contact Fan Man Inc. today, so we can set up a consultation. Once you see your energy bill, you will be glad you did.

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Cornelius Insulation Contractors Help Doc Reduce Energy Consumption

A doctor had just realized that he was throwing dollars away and hurting the environment with excess energy usage after watching a documentary about global warning. He called the Fan Man Inc. for services from the best insulation contractors Cornelius has to offer, and was not disappointed after seeing how thorough our team was when performing the home energy audit.

The Fan Man Inc. specialists arrived at the doctor’s home in Cornelius and explained to him that the energy audit would see how and where any energy is being lost in the home, and the energy audit would also tell what systems in the home was operating inefficiently. We mentioned that we could also offer several options that would make the home more energy efficient along with adding comfort to the home. The customer was thrilled and our team started the energy audit. We used our specialized diagnostic equipment that will detect any air loss, duck leakage, and energy performance. When the audit was done we were able to give the customer good news as he just needed to add some insulation in the attic and the garage. The customer asked us to go ahead and add the insulation, which we did the following day. The doctor contacted us a month later to let us know that he received his energy bill and was amazed on how much lower it was. He said his home is warmer than it had ever been in years and he was thankful that he called the professional insulation contractors in Cornelius, which was Fan Man Inc.

Cornelius Insulation Contractors Address Heating and Cooling Issues

A homeowner in Cornelius was thinking of buying a new furnace after last year’s cold weather left his house quite drafty and intolerable. His family was always bundled under blankets because the house just wouldn’t warm up. Before he made any big decisions he called the Fan Man Inc. for a residential energy audit and found that he needed services from them as the skilled Cornelius insulation contractors.

The Fan Man Inc. energy audit experts arrived at the home and started the energy audit. The energy audit provided the homeowner with the reason his home was not warm throughout the winter. The customer needed adequate insulation in his home and with the new insulation he wouldn’t have to purchase a new furnace at all. The homeowner was thrilled with the news and asked us to install the insulation. Our crew added insulation in the attic and sealed the attic of any leaks that was present. Sealing the air leaks is just as important as adding the proper insulation for the home. After doing the math the homeowner quickly realized that if he had insulation installed he would have a warmer home and have to run the furnace far less. He was thrilled at the result of the free consultation and the great news that he didn’t have to spend money on purchasing a new furnace for his home. The insulation and air leaks sealed was far more affordable for the homeowner, which of course he loved.

Sealing and Adding Attic Insulation in Cornelius, NC

A customer in Cornelius, North Carolina contacted Fan Man Inc. to set up a seal and attic insulation. The crew arrived the homeowner walked the technicians through the home. The technicians started doing a blower door test which tests any air leaks around doors and windows, then the technicians went up to the attic and did the test to determine how much air leaks were present there. The air leaks had to be sealed before any attic insulation was done. Once all the air leaks were successfully filled, the crew determined that the attic needed to have the old insulation removed. It was in bad shape, not functional, and was not providing the proper insulation required, because there was gaps present and the ceiling joists was seeable.  The crew safely removed and disposed of the insulation, then added blown in insulation until it reached the determined level of R49, which is recommended for this attic size. The Fan Man crew checked for any leaks once the insulation was blown in just to make sure there was no leakage after the attic was fully insulated, and there was none present.

The Fan Man technicians informed the customer that the attic was insulated to the recommended level, and the home would now be comfortable and cost effective for energy costs. We also let the customer know that if he had any problems or questions to feel free to contact us, and we would return at no additional cost, because we back our work completely.