Energy costs are rising, and residents in Matthews, North Carolina are looking for ways to save money, while staying comfortable all year-long.  To do so, the residents depend on Fan Man, Inc. for all of their Matthews attic insulation, and energy audits. Fan Man, Inc. has been improving energy efficiency in homes throughout the town for over fifteen years. We are a RESNET certified HERS rater. We want to make sure that every homeowner in Matthews has their home properly insulated and energy efficient, so you can spend your money on things you want, instead of overpriced energy bills.

Ventilation and Insulation Services Offered in Matthews, North Carolina

Fan Man, Inc. offers a variety of services in Matthews, North Carolina. Our services include:

  • Matthews NC Fanman IncAttic Fan Installation
  • Attic Ventilation
  • Attic Insulation
  • Wall Insulation
  • Blown-in Insulation
  • Foam Insulation
  • Garage Insulation
  • Residential Energy Audits
  • Home Energy Audits
  • Garage Ventilation
  • New Insulation

It is essential to have proper insulation in your home because it makes for a comfortable home no matter what season it may be. The benefits are significant when comparing comfort, difference in energy costs, and increase in the home’s resale value.

What is the difference between blown-in insulation and foam insulation?

Blown-in Insulation – This material is blown into place with a special hose. It is excellent for unfinished attics, but can be added to exterior walls, as well. Some of the materials that make up blown-in insulation include: cellulose, rock, wool, and fiberglass. Cellulose is made from recycled newspapers and is a green material.

Foam Insulation – This insulation is installed with special equipment, and offers excellent protection. It can be added just about anywhere in a home, but its commonly used for exterior walls, basements, attics, ceilings, and floors.

Energy Audits

Fan Man Inc. specializes in energy audits, which is an analysis of your home. The energy audit will determine how energy is being lost, which systems are operating inefficiently, and help determine the measures a homeowner can take to make the home more comfortable.

Fan Man is a BPI certified contractor that uses specialized diagnostic testing equipment to help find air leakage, moisture leakage, and any health or safety issues that are throughout the home. We also used infrared cameras to test the energy performance.  An energy audit is recommended for all homes and buildings.

Matthews, North Carolina

Matthews, North Carolina is located outside of Charleston, and has a population of 27,198. The first settlers arrived in Matthews in the early 1800’s. This rich land attracted farmers to the area, and the large trees and woodlands were a great place for hunting. Cotton was the primary item that was grown in the town. Trees were cleared, but the stumps remained, and the town was known as ‘Stumptown.’ Matthews was incorporated in 1879, and the town was officially named ‘Matthews’ after Edward Watson Matthews.

Matthews, North Carolina was named as one of the “Most Exciting Suburbs” in the United States, and ranked as one of the “Top Ten Places to Retire in North Carolina.” Downtown Matthews is a historical area that features cultural activities, shops, and restaurants. Visitors can visit Downtown to get a glimpse of the town’s history while enjoying several activities.

Fan Man Inc. has been providing Matthews, North Carolina with energy solutions for nearly fifteen years. We are RESNET certified, and can provide all homeowners with an energy solution for their home. Contact Fan Man Inc. today for a free consultation.

Smart Family Uses Our Matthews Insulation Contractors

Recently Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a family in Matthews. We talked to two excited parents whose daughter had to do a science project for school, which involved conservation and home economics. This led the daughter to call us at Fan Man Inc. for a home energy audit, and we determined that the family could really benefit from our Matthews insulation contractor services.

The Fan Man Inc. energy audit specialists arrived at the home and informed the family what exactly the energy audit could provide for them and their home. We let them know that the energy audit would detect any leaks in the duct work, and it would also let the family know that any appliances or systems in the home that wasn’t operating properly. Our energy audit will show them how to have an energy efficient home and a cozier home too! Our specialists did the audit and the main problem that the home had was improper insulation of the home. The parents wanted to have the insulation added, so our crew returned two days later and added the insulation. The parents were very proud of their daughter and glad to be able to save money, thanks to the insulation contractors Matthews families depend upon, which is Fan Man Inc. We are happy that we could save the family money on energy costs and they will have a home that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Many homeowners don’t realize just adding insulation can save money on energy costs, but they also will have a comfortable home year round.

New Attic Insulation for a home in Matthews, NC

Fan Man Inc. received a call from a North Carolina homeowner who wanted attic insulation installed in Matthews in his home that he was putting on the market to sell. The customer said that his realtor advised him to have the new insulation added because it would help lower future energy costs, which would increase the value of the home.

The Fan Man Inc. crew arrived at the home in Matthews, North Carolina, and the homeowner showed them the attic. After an inspection, we could tell that the attic insulation was indeed needed. The current insulation was not nearly enough to properly cover the size of the home. There were air leaks throughout and the temperature was not even.

The Fan Man crew needed to add enough insulation that would be a R49, which is recommended by the Department of Energy. The crew made sure that before the new insulation was added they did an air leak check. The crew checked the vents, the wiring holes, and down the walls. All leaks were sealed, then the insulation was added until the level was at a R49. We made sure that the correct amount was added to provide the maximum comfort throughout the home with affordable heating and cooling costs. Our customer was pleased with our quality of work!