Wall Insulation in Concord for Local Contractor

Recently, the Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a contractor working in the Concord area. The contractor was doing a home remodel project for a client and he called Fan Man Inc. to do a fast and efficient Concord wall insulation job that would make the room remodel efficient and keep it cool too. The Fan Man Inc. crew met with the contractor at the Concord home and we gave him an estimate, which he accepted. The customer let us know that the work had to be done quickly, because his client already had him on a strict deadline.

The Fan Man Inc. crew let the customer know that we always meet the deadline and we would have the insulation done on time. The crew started installing the wall insulation the following day and in just a few hours the insulation was successfully installed. The contractor was highly impressed with the professionalism and outstanding work ethic that the crew members with Fan Man Inc. possessed. He said that he was impressed, but his client would be as well, because now he would be able to have the room remodel done ahead of schedule and his client would have a space that would be energy efficient. All this was possible, because Fan Man Inc. provided quality wall insulation Concord contractors and homeowners can depend upon. This customer must have truly been impressed, because he called us again to provide wall insulation on another project that he was working on.