Trainer Saves Money with Garage Insulation in Pineville

A dog trainer realized after finally taking a look at the bills for the coming tax season that he had paid a lot more for cooling cost than he had thought. He thought that the energy bills were higher than last year, but didn’t realize how much higher they were until he started going through his records. He knew he couldn’t afford to pay these high costs, so he called Fan Man Inc. for an energy audit.

The Fan Man Inc. professional technician met with the homeowner and started performing the energy audit. The technician used the special energy audit machine that would detect all energy loss. The technician immediately found out where the energy loss was occurring and that was in the garage, which led the homeowner in getting Pineville garage insulation to save money in the next season. The Fan Man Inc. crew arrived two days later and installed the insulation at the garage and immediately the homeowner could tell a difference in the temperature in the garage. He was overjoyed to learn that his heating and cooling costs would be drastically lowered all because he had the energy audit and the garage insulation Pineville homeowners could trust. The dog trainer can use the money that he will be saving on energy costs to purchase new doggy treats for the dogs that he will be training. He will have happier canines and customers thanks to the professionals at Fan Man Inc.