Plumber Needs Attic Insulation in Concord

Fan Man Inc. received a phone call from a Concord plumber. The plumber was wanting to prep for the colder months that was fast approaching and called Fan Man Inc. for Concord attic insulation. He had known he needed it for a while, but had an exceptionally good year so far that allowed him to pay up front now in order to save money later.

We set up an appointment with the customer so our professional team could install the attic insulation. Our team installed the attic insulation quickly for the homeowner and we made sure that there were no leaks present in the attic so the homeowner would have a complete sealed attic. The homeowner was pleased that we were able to come out so quickly. Fan Man Inc. was able to perform the attic insulation services quickly and he has already received an energy bill that was significantly less than previous years. The homeowner couldn’t believe that by just adding attic insulation to his home would provide such a savings with his energy costs. The customer was so impressed with our work that he has been showing his neighbors, family, and friends his utility bills and telling them how much he has saved all because he had Fan Man Inc. install attic insulation Concord homeowners would appreciate. Fan Man Inc. was able to lower his energy costs and he is saving a lot of money. It was well worth the price for quality attic insulation by Fan Man Inc.