New Attic Insulation for a home in Matthews, NC

Fan Man Inc. received a call from a North Carolina homeowner who wanted attic insulation installed in Matthews in his home that he was putting on the market to sell. The customer said that his realtor advised him to have the new insulation added because it would help lower future energy costs, which would increase the value of the home.

The Fan Man Inc. crew arrived at the home in Matthews, North Carolina, and the homeowner showed them the attic. After an inspection, we could tell that the attic insulation was indeed needed. The current insulation was not nearly enough to properly cover the size of the home. There were air leaks throughout and the temperature was not even.

The Fan Man crew needed to add enough insulation that would be a R49, which is recommended by the Department of Energy. The crew made sure that before the new insulation was added they did an air leak check. The crew checked the vents, the wiring holes, and down the walls. All leaks were sealed, then the insulation was added until the level was at a R49. We made sure that the correct amount was added to provide the maximum comfort throughout the home with affordable heating and cooling costs. Our customer was pleased with our quality of work!