Smart Family Uses Our Matthews Insulation Contractors

Recently Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a family in Matthews. We talked to two excited parents whose daughter had to do a science project for school, which involved conservation and home economics. This led the daughter to call us at Fan Man Inc. for a home energy audit, and we determined that the family could really benefit from our Matthews insulation contractor services.

The Fan Man Inc. energy audit specialists arrived at the home and informed the family what exactly the energy audit could provide for them and their home. We let them know that the energy audit would detect any leaks in the duct work, and it would also let the family know that any appliances or systems in the home that wasn’t operating properly. Our energy audit will show them how to have an energy efficient home and a cozier home too! Our specialists did the audit and the main problem that the home had was improper insulation of the home. The parents wanted to have the insulation added, so our crew returned two days later and added the insulation. The parents were very proud of their daughter and glad to be able to save money, thanks to the insulation contractors Matthews families depend upon, which is Fan Man Inc. We are happy that we could save the family money on energy costs and they will have a home that is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Many homeowners don’t realize just adding insulation can save money on energy costs, but they also will have a comfortable home year round.