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Adding Attic Insulation to Mooresville Home

We had a homeowner contact us and inquire about attic insulation. The customer had lived in this Moorseville, NC home for over fifteen years and never had any additional insulation added to his attic. The customer was wondering if over the years his current attic insulation had become less efficient. Fan Man Inc. let the customer know that his current attic insulation may not be providing the proper insulation that the home needed to provide comfort and lower utility costs. The customer wanted to know more and scheduled a no-obligation check to see if his attic insulation could be improved economically. The Fan Man technician arrived at the customer’s home, as scheduled, and led the technician to the attic. The technician looked over area and could tell immediately that there was not sufficient insulation and cracks needed to be filled to stop all of the air leakage. The technician gave the homeowner the price for adding the proper insulation and repairing all leaks. After explaining the process, the homeowner agreed and scheduled a service date. They made an appointment for the following morning to start the project. The technician arrived ready to first repair the air leaks, then once all the air leaks were repaired, he would begin pumping in the attic insulation until it was the correct amount. The technician finished the project, then let the homeowner know that he would start to see lower heating and cooling costs, along with added comfort throughout the home. Proper attic insulation is the first step in having a comfortable home.
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