Sealing and Adding Attic Insulation in Cornelius, NC

A customer in Cornelius, North Carolina contacted Fan Man Inc. to set up a seal and attic insulation. The crew arrived the homeowner walked the technicians through the home. The technicians started doing a blower door test which tests any air leaks around doors and windows, then the technicians went up to the attic and did the test to determine how much air leaks were present there. The air leaks had to be sealed before any attic insulation was done. Once all the air leaks were successfully filled, the crew determined that the attic needed to have the old insulation removed. It was in bad shape, not functional, and was not providing the proper insulation required, because there was gaps present and the ceiling joists was seeable.  The crew safely removed and disposed of the insulation, then added blown in insulation until it reached the determined level of R49, which is recommended for this attic size. The Fan Man crew checked for any leaks once the insulation was blown in just to make sure there was no leakage after the attic was fully insulated, and there was none present.

The Fan Man technicians informed the customer that the attic was insulated to the recommended level, and the home would now be comfortable and cost effective for energy costs. We also let the customer know that if he had any problems or questions to feel free to contact us, and we would return at no additional cost, because we back our work completely.