Pineville Insulation Contractors Keep Shoe Store Comfy

Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a Pineville shoe store owner. The Pineville shoe store owner noticed that his store was remaining very hot during the summer months even though the air conditioning was blasting. He was concerned that too many people were starting to sweat profusely when they would tie and untie their new shoes, and their frustration would cause them to want to leave the store without purchasing anything. He called the best insulation contactors in Pineville in order to increase the efficiency of his air conditioning.

The Fan Man Inc. specialists arrived at the shoe store and started inspecting the air conditioning unit. Our team quickly realized what the problem was. The air conditioning unit was working properly and was overworking because there wasn’t enough insulation in the store. Our team installed the proper amount of insulation for the square footage of the store. The store owner suspicions were correct about the insulation problem, and now the temperature in the store is much easier to regulate. The store is staying nice and cool now, thanks to Fan Man Inc. The store owner has noticed that his customers are lingering longer because the store is comfortably cool and his sales have increased. His customers don’t mind staying in the store trying on new shoes now because they are not sweating and being uncomfortably hot thanks to Fan Man Inc. the insulation contractors Pineville businesses can count upon for proper insulation.