Living Room Expansion Requires Charlotte Insulation

A Charlotte homeowner had just had an expansion to their living room built and the homeowner called the Fan Man Inc. for energy savings Charlotte insulation. The Fan Man Inc. team met with the homeowner. The team inspected their insulation and knew immediately that there was not enough insulation in the home to meet the demands of their home and their new living room space.

The Fan Man Inc. team was able to install quality insulation and estimated that the savings on the energy bills would pay for the installation in just a short time. The homeowner was very happy to have that knowledge and to have the insulation work done on time by the Fan Man team. Several weeks passed and we received a call from the Charlotte homeowner. The homeowner just wanted to thank us. The customer said that they received their energy bill and almost fell over. The energy bill had never been this low. They had lived in the home for over a decade and the family had been used to high energy bills and when they opened this bill the customer had to look several times to make sure that the bill was accurate. She was so happy with the low bill that she called her husband at work and told him the good news. She said if we didn’t call Fan Man Inc. for the best insulation in Charlotte we would still be paying big energy bills again.