Small Workshop Made Possible with Garage Insulation in Concord

Recently Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a homeowner in Concord. The homeowner wanted to have Concord garage insulation after he realized how much better it would be to work in the garage once he turned it into a workshop. He called us to have the insulation installed, so that he could get his workshop set up property the first time around.

The crew at Fan Man Inc. arrived at the Concord home and started installing the insulation in the garage. The crew made sure there were no gaps or voids, then applied sealing so the insulation would be protected from any moisture. Once the crew had the insulation installed we let the homeowner know that his garage would be warmer in the winter months and cooler in the summer months, and the utility bills would be lower due to the correct amount of insulation that we provided for his garage. The customer was pleased with our work and he is starting the rest of the garage renovations very soon. The customer called us six weeks later to let us know that his garage is now fully transformed into his workshop and it is very comfortable. He said before he had the insulation installed he was always cold when he was working in there, but now the warmth is steady and it isn’t costing him a fortune. He was very insistent on telling us that Fan Man Inc. provided him with the best garage insulation isntallaiton available in Concord.