Mooresville Home Energy Audit Brings Clarity to Homeowners

Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a couple who was concerned about their finances. The couple had lived in their home for a few years and was planning on trying to have children. They wanted to get a complete picture of their finances for long term planning, and part of that was getting a home energy audit in Mooresville. The Fan Man Inc. energy audit specialist arrived at the home to conduct an energy audit.

The energy audit specialist was going to do a visual inspection, then he was going to use his specialized diagnostic testing equipment that would allow him to test the ducts for leaks, carbon monoxide leaks, and assess the energy performance of the systems throughout the home (This includes the appliances as well). Once our team member had finished the tests he examined the utility bills in the past months, so he could determine other ways the couple could save money on their energy costs. The energy audit was provided and a few recommendations were given to the couple. The Fan Man Inc. specialist was able to help them figure out where they could save money on their annual energy costs, and one way was to add proper insulation in their attic and update their refrigerator, because it was using more energy than it should be. The couple was thrilled with the news that they received and was very happy that they contacted Fan Man Inc. for a reliable home energy audit all Mooresville homeowners can trust.