Charlotte Attic Insulation Installed after Energy Audit

Fan Man Inc. received a call from a DJ in Charlotte. The DJ got a recommendation to get a free home energy audit, which led to him realizing that a straightforward service of getting Charlotte attic insulation so he would save some money. We scheduled the energy audit when the customer and our qualified energy audit specialist arrived at the Charlotte home with the special equipment that we use.

The energy audit technician started in the basement of the home, then worked his way up until he had the entire house audited. The technician noticed when he reached the attic that there was not enough insulation in the home. Over the years the insulation lessened. The technician went over the audit with the homeowner and the top recommendation was having Charlotte attic insulation installed. The technician shared with the customer on the benefits that the insulation would provide for the homeowner, which included lower energy costs, stable heating and cooling, and added value to the home if he decided to sell his home in the future. The homeowner agreed to have attic insulation installed, which our team did for him. The customer was very pleased with how fast the Fan Man Inc. team was able to perform all the services and was glad that the Fan Man Inc. was recommended to him, because we are the attic insulation experts Charlotte homeowners can trust. The homeowner can now purchase updated DJ equipment, because he will be saving money with the attic insulation the Fan Man Inc. team provided.