Attic Insulation Job done wrong in Waxhaw, NC

Proper attic insulation should be done by a professional, and that is what we told the customer that called us for an insulation evaluation.

After a brief discussion on how new insulation can help, we scheduled a consultation to see if her Waxhaw home could become more efficient.

The Fan Man Inc. crew arrived at the customer’s home in to start the attic insulation evaluation. The customer hired someone out of the newspaper to install her insulation a few months prior, and she was wondering if the insulation was installed properly, because her utility costs had not went down, but increased. The technicians went to the attic and started the evaluation. The previous worker did not install the insulation properly. The old insulation should have been removed first, because there was signs of mice nests in the insulation. The worker just added a small amount of insulation on top of the old, but there was a lot of leakage visible that went along with the utility costs.

We informed the customer what the worker had done, and how we could correct it, which she agreed, so we started immediately removing all the old and new insulation from the attic. We use specialized equipment for safe removal of insulation, then our crew started repairing the air leakage that was visible. Once the crew had these issued repaired the crew started pumping in foam insulation, which is one of the best ways to insulate attics. The attic insulation was completed, and we let the customer know that if she didn’t start to see a difference in her utility costs or added comfort in her home to simply give us a call back, because we back all our work with a customer satisfaction guarantee.