New Insulation in Mooresville for Fixer-Upper

Fan Man Inc. recently was contacted by a handyman in Mooresville. The man purchased a house to fix up, because he had been doing all sorts of DIY projects over the years, and he thought that he had enough skills to fix up the house into a great place. He wanted to take his time in his first attempt to rehab the home. He thought that if the house turned out great he would live in the home or possibly rent the home out for added income when he was finished. He started tearing out some of the walls, and quickly realized that there were some pieces containing asbestos in the walls! He had run into this type of problem before working for a friend of his, so he removed all the asbestos very carefully, slowly, and safely, and then called Fan Man Inc. for new insulation Mooresville neighbors could stand by to help their energy costs.

The Fan Man Inc. insulation installers arrived at the home, and were impressed with the asbestos removal work that had been done. It was very thorough and safely conducted. We installed the insulation in the home, so the home would be adequately insulated, and energy efficient. The man is just about done with his rehab work with the home, and is anxiously ready for all the work to be done. He just has a few finishing touches to do. He has decided that since he has done such a great job on the home that he will be living in the home, because Fan Man Inc. provided him with new insulation Mooresville homeowners like him could trust.