Couple Saves big Thanks to Waxhaw Insulation Contractors

Recently an elderly couple contacted Fan Man Inc. They needed a professional to look over their finances and estate, so they hired an accountant. The accountant that they had hired noticed that the couple was spending way too much money per month on their energy bill. The old couple had a house that was even older than they were, and the accountant suggested that the couple look into adding insulation to their home, and so they called the best insulation contractors Waxhaw had to offer. The Fan Man Inc. expert arrived at the couple’s home to evaluate their insulation, and to provide them with an energy audit. The energy audit would let the couple know where and how their energy is being lost, and assist them on making their home more energy efficient. The technician also evaluated the insulation in the home, and it was far from enough to keep the home properly insulated. The couple was losing heating and cooling, which was making their unit work overtime and raising the costs for their energy bill.

Fan Man Inc. properly added the correct amount of insulation, then sealed off any leaks throughout the home. The elderly couple’s home was now much better insulated, which it hadn’t been in many years. The couple now can save significant amounts of money per month on what would have been an unnecessary monthly drain on their finances. The up-front cost of their insulation has already paid for itself, thanks to Fan Man Inc.