Charlotte Wall Insulation Estimate for New Design

An architect contacted Fan Man Inc. the other day. The architect was designing a very small house as a side project, and wanted hard numbers in case he ever sold the design. He wanted to be prepared in case he needed to have a proposal ready quickly. The architect called Fan Man Inc. with the specs hoping for an estimate for wall insulation Charlotte prospects could hold the architect to. Fan Man Inc. met with the architect and went over the designs, then gave the architect estimates for wall insulation. The architect couldn’t get over the price for the wall insulation, and what the wall insulation would provide for the small house. The wall insulation would provide enhanced comfort and stability in all weather conditions, affordable utility bills, and a better resale for the small house.

The architect thought the price that Fan Man Inc. was very competitive, and now the architect is thinking about building a unit for himself, because he could afford the unit and the wall insulation that Fan Man Inc. would provide. Fan Man Inc. has been the wall insulation Charlotte residents can rely upon. Our insulation is done by professional technicians, and provide an interior air barrier that protects the home from any moisture damages, which is essential for homeowners. The architect is nearly done with his small house design, and plans on hiring Fan Man Inc. to do the wall insulation. The architect knows that will proper insulation will increase the sale of his design.