Older Gent Receives Waxhaw Residential Energy Audit

An elderly man in his eighties contacted Fan Man Inc. a month ago to schedule an energy audit at his home. Vital for his age, the man was still working, but for the 15th year in a row he was just now considering to actually retire. The man started to take a gander at his home and finances, and realized that compared to one of his sons, he thought he was paying way too much money for his air conditioning costs. The old man and his son’s home were basically the same style, so he didn’t understand why his air conditioning costs were so much higher than in the other house. He called Fan Man Inc. for a residential audit Waxhaw neighbors had recommended to him. The man’s neighbors told him that when Fan Man Inc. does a residential audit in the home the technician will find out where and how energy is being lost, and then offer cost effective measures that will provide a more energy efficient home, which is what the man was looking to have done.

The Fan Man Inc. technician arrived at the home and performed the energy audit for the man, and with the specialized diagnostic testing equipment used the technician was able to see why the air conditioning costs were so high. Fan Man Inc. provided a complete assessment and offered recommendations. He decided to purchase more services from Fan Man because he realized it would save him money in the long run. Now the man can actually plan a solid retirement and afford his air conditioning. Fan Man is the residential energy audit Waxhaw specialists.