Concerns for Upcoming Summer Heat Call for New Insulation in Concord

A schoolteacher had the summer free to do some research, and realized after running her AC that she needed to have some new insulation in Concord for her home. She didn’t know who to contact for new insulation in Concord, so she asked family members and friends and they all said to contact Fan Man Inc. She called us and scheduled us to come out and add insulation to her home.

The Fan Man Inc. team arrived at the teacher’s home and she showed us her attic. The customer was correct, because she definitely needed to have insulation added. The team also checked the attic for any leaks, then sealed all leaks that were present. Once the insulation was installed she started saving money almost immediately. The customer thanked us for coming out so quickly. The customer contacted Fan Man Inc. a week later just to thank us again for the new insulation Concord professionals would appreciate. She said her home is so much cozier and warm now that she had the insulation added. She said she can keep her home on a set temperature and her home is thoroughly warm. Before, she would always keep turning the heat up and up just so her house would be warm, but now it stays at a warm temperature without having to adjust it all the time. She said she was so happy that Fan Man Inc. was the insulation provider for her home in Concord.