Remodel is Complete After Attic Fan Installation in Waxhaw

Some homeowners in Waxhaw had recently performed a ton of home repairs on their own. They were pretty successful in bringing their house up to date and up to code, but along the way they found out how much money a Waxhaw attic fan installation would save them. The couple was talking to their friends who had an attic fan installed recently and their friends told them that their utility bills are so much lower since the installation. The couple asked asked for a recommendation, which ultimately led to them giving us a call for more information.

The Fan Man Inc. technicians came to the house and met with the homeowner, who showed us where their attic was. The technician took a look at the attic and determined that a GAF 1600cfm attic fan would be recommended for their size of attic, and this attic fan would only cost the couple around six dollars a month if they used it for twelve hours a day, which was impressive to the homeowners. They agreed that they wanted this model, and our tech returned the following morning to install it. The couple contacted us a month later. They wanted to see what their utility bill was after they had the fan installed, and they also wanted to let us know that their bill went down substantially. They seemed very happy that they called Fan Man Inc. for their attic fan installation in Waxhaw, because the fan is quiet when it is on and it is paying for itself with the money they are saving on their utility costs.