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Concord Energy Audit is Great Pre-Move Prep!

Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a couple in Concord. The couple told us that their family was in the process of moving into a new house. Right before everyone was completely moved into the house and everyone was fully settled the father decided to have a Concord energy audit conducted to find any area of the house that they could save money. He didn’t want his family moved into the new house and then find out there were problems that would need to be solved, so he contacted Fan Man Inc. before they were all moved in. Fan Man Inc. set up the energy audit, and the technician arrived to the home as scheduled.

The technician from Fan Man arrived and started conducting the energy audit. The tech went through every room and space of the home, then evaluated the insulation and ventilation. The report came back fairly positive. There were just a couple minor issues that needed to be repaired, and we were able to do these repairs for the homeowners. We let the family know they could safely move into their new home now. The father let us know that the bills that the family received reflect the savings we had suggested. The father said he was glad he put off moving his family into the home until the energy audit was performed. He was very glad that he called the Fan Man to square away his energy savings immediately.

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