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Home Energy Audit in Concord Helps Teacher Continue Late-Night Projects

A math teacher in Concord who called us said that he was a bit of a night owl. Sometimes he stayed up all night grading tests and doing calculations for fun. He had purchased a central air conditioning unit recently, and it was not cooling the house enough even when it was running all day. This was really upsetting the teacher, because he thought that when he had gotten rid of his window air conditioning units his house would be comfortable and cool in each room, but this was not happening. He finally called the Fan Man Inc. for a trustworthy Concord home energy audit to see why his new central air unit wasn’t working properly.

The Fan Man Inc. team came to the home, and started the energy audit. The team used our specialized diagnostic testing equipment to diagnoses the problems. We used a duct leakage tester, blower door test, and infrared camera, which would allow us to assess the energy performance occurring in the home. Once the team completed the audit, we were able to pinpoint the problem and help the dedicated teacher save some money on his utility bills while making his home more comfortable. He is thrilled that he contacted the home energy audit Concord experts, because now he can have a home that is cool and comfortable, and his energy costs are lower. He can now do his tests and calculations at night without sweating. This is how he relaxes from a hard day at school. Fan Man Inc. provides professional energy audits that Concord homeowners can appreciate for all their energy audit needs.

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