Charlotte Home Energy Audit Improves Home Value

A real estate investor had just purchased a property and after the first month of owning the property he received his energy bills, and they were astronomical. He knew that with these type of energy bills it would be very difficult to sell the property, so he went to the Fan Man Inc. for a top notch home energy audit in Charlotte to find out what exactly was the problem with the high energy costs.

The Fan Man Inc. home energy survey professional arrived at the property in Charlotte and let the customer know that he would provide an extensive energy audit. The Fan Man Inc. survey specialists started using a specialized diagnostic testing equipment that has an infrared camera, so he could access the energy performance at the property, then he would use a duct tester that would detect any leaks in the duct work. Along with these testing the survey specialists would also check for any leaks, insulation issues, and a variety of other testing. The energy audit took several hours, but the testing was able to provide the problem for the customer. The test results determined that part of the problem was the insulation and the other problem was the ventilation. We let the customer know that Fan Man Inc. could solve both of these problems, which we did. The real estate investor contacted us a month later when he received his utility bill and he said he was amazed on how much lower it was. He thanked Fan Man Inc. for solving his problems with our home energy audit Charlotte homeowners should have done.