Residential Energy Audit in Weddington Supports Long Term Finances

Fan Man Inc. received a call from a concerned wife and husband. The Weddington couple had begun to be more conscious about their expenses. The wife was discussing financial strategies with a friend when they began talking about energy costs. She compared her utility costs with her friends and suddenly thought they might be paying way too much, because the two friends lived in a similar size house. The couple called the Fan Man Inc. for a Weddington residential energy audit to see if there was something going on at their home.

The Fan Man Inc. energy audit expert arrived at the residence and started the energy audit. The couple was nervously awaiting the report. The Fan Man Inc. audit specialists showed the couple the energy audit, then he offered the couple several recommendations, which will end up saving the couple hundreds of dollars annually. The couple took him up on those recommendations, which were adding the appropriate insulation in the attic and sealing off several of the windows in the home. The Fan Man Inc. team added the insulation and sealed off all the leaks in the home. The couple were thrilled when they received their energy bill the following month and noticed a big drop in the price. They have decided that they can now start planning on having a baby soon because they won’t be throwing their money away on high utility bills thanks to the residential energy audit in their Weddington home.