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Public Servant Puts Cash Away After Concord Residential Energy Audit

An area police officer recently had central air conditioning installed at his home, and he was thoroughly enjoying it knowing his energy bill might be a bit higher. He accepted this as he really enjoyed finally having every room at his home at a comfortable temperature. He received his electric bill the other day, and he was shocked and immediately regretted his decision of having the central air conditioner unit installed. He started asking his neighbors and friends on the force, and they recommended a residential energy audit Concord neighbors had used to save money on their energy costs, which is offered by Fan Man Inc.

The Fan Man Inc. energy audit expert arrived at the home and after a short discussion started the energy audit. We use specialized diagnostic testing equipment that can assess the energy performance of HVAC equipment, and also show any air leaks, moisture leaks, and the ventilation of the central air conditioning system. We also examined the energy bill. One of the main problems in the home was the insulation. The home didn’t the right amount of insulation that it needed for the size of the home. We installed new insulation, then made sure all the leaks were sealed, so no cool air would be loss through the leaks. The home is now more energy efficient, and the Concord police officer just received his monthly electric bill and was relieved that is was significantly lowered. He no longer regrets his decisions after making a few changes, and ensuring his system ran efficiently with the assistance from Fan Man Inc.

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