Cornelius Insulation Contractors Help Doc Reduce Energy Consumption

A doctor had just realized that he was throwing dollars away and hurting the environment with excess energy usage after watching a documentary about global warning. He called the Fan Man Inc. for services from the best insulation contractors Cornelius has to offer, and was not disappointed after seeing how thorough our team was when performing the home energy audit.

The Fan Man Inc. specialists arrived at the doctor’s home in Cornelius and explained to him that the energy audit would see how and where any energy is being lost in the home, and the energy audit would also tell what systems in the home was operating inefficiently. We mentioned that we could also offer several options that would make the home more energy efficient along with adding comfort to the home. The customer was thrilled and our team started the energy audit. We used our specialized diagnostic equipment that will detect any air loss, duck leakage, and energy performance. When the audit was done we were able to give the customer good news as he just needed to add some insulation in the attic and the garage. The customer asked us to go ahead and add the insulation, which we did the following day. The doctor contacted us a month later to let us know that he received his energy bill and was amazed on how much lower it was. He said his home is warmer than it had ever been in years and he was thankful that he called the professional insulation contractors in Cornelius, which was Fan Man Inc.