Mooresville Insulation Keeps Baking Love Alive

A Mooresville mom started a baking hobby, because she loved the smells and her family loved the sweet treats that she created. She quickly realized that it would remain hot all day in her home if she did any of her baking during the day. She knew she didn’t want to stop baking, and realized that she needed an attic fan and installers for insulation Mooresville food lovers could trust. She contacted Fan Man Inc. who solved this problem for her.

The Fan Man Inc. specialists went out to the home to see what type of attic fan she would need for the size of her home. We showed her several fans, and she picked the one that she wanted installed based on our expert recommendation. Our installers came back out the following morning and successfully installed the attic fan. The customer was thrilled that we were there so quickly, and had the attic fan in place, because she found some new recipes that she was anxiously waiting to start baking. The lady is back to her annual baking, and some of her friends have tried her deserts. Now she is selling pies, cakes, and breads to people in her neighborhood. Her home smells delightful, and she doesn’t have to worry about the heat because she contacted Fan Man Inc., the insulation Mooresville residents can depend on for all their insulation needs. Fan Man Inc. can evaluate any home with a residential energy audit and help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter with our insulation services.