Mooresville Garage Insulation For Better, Faster Work

Fan Man Inc. was contacted by a Mooresville mechanic. This local resident had recently started getting into restoring older American Muscle cars, and was in his personal garage more than he ever had been. He decided to install a small window AC unit to try to cool down the garage so he would be cool when he was working on the cars, but was perplexed as to why it didn’t seem to make his garage any cooler. He quickly realized the garage was leaking cool air out the walls and that he was constantly losing precious cool air, but paying higher energy costs. He decided to call the company that provides garage insulation Mooresville residents need to stay cool, Fan Man Inc.

The Fan Man Inc. technician arrived at the garage, and started an evaluation of the current insulation of the garage. The technician also was able to determine the leaky areas of the garage. Proper insulation was added to completely blanket the garage, and block out any gaps, Sealing was also provided, so the garage was fully air tight. The mechanic contacted Fan Man Inc. a few days later to tell us that he is thrilled that when he goes into the garage to work on cars that it is actually cool. He is amazed that just adding insulation and sealing would provide such a major difference in the temperature. He runs his Air conditioning unit half as much as he was before. He told us knows he made the right decision when he contacted us for the best garage insulation in Mooresville.